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Pop art, history of the art movement

During the 50s, art history was marked by the first works of art produced by Pop Art artists.

Several wonder: What is Pop Art? American culture has highly influenced Pop Art artists. Pop Artorigins are mainly British, but many Pop Art works come from America. A great number of painters, sculptors and others were part of this movement.

American Pop ArtAmerican
Pop Art

American pop art came about a few years after its British counterpart, emerging in the later 1950's through the work of artists like Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg. American Pop Art

British Pop ArtBritish
Pop Art

British pop art came about in London in the late 1950's, with a group of painters, sculptors, and other artists who came together to form the Independent Group. British Pop Art

Andy WarholAndy Warhol
Andy Warhol was one of the major contributors to the American pop art movement, and one of the most famous and recognized artists from this period even to this day.
Andy Warhol

Roy LichtensteinRoy Lichtenstein
Born in New York to a real estate broker and a housewife, Roy Lichtenstein was raised in a middle class family and attended a public primary school followed by a private secondary school.
Roy Lichtenstein

Richard hamiltonRichard hamilton
Born in London, England in 1922, Richard Hamilton left school early on and began work as an apprentice for a company that produced electrical equipment.
Richard Hamilton
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