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11 facts to teach Pop Art to kids

Here are the important facts about Pop Art history, which you can easily teach kids. Let them discover Pop Art!

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The concept of pop art began in the 1950s and the basic thing which makes this type of art different is the use of bold images that are painted in bright colors. It is a type of art that is described as a depiction of everyday items in bold colors. The pop artists have created images related to different fields like the packaging of ketchup bottles, product labels, comic strips or photos of celebrities.

Here are some facts about pop arts that every kid should know:

  • Popular art or pop art is a movement that is started in the 1950s and 1960s which started in America and Europe.

  • This movement was basically a reaction against the traditional art ways. The inclusion of bright colors like red, yellow and blue is an example of the negation.

  • The pop art has some common aspects with Dada movement. The main common point is the usage of everyday objects for the creation of art pieces.

  • The first pop art piece is created by a person names Eduardo Paolozzi in 1952 which was known as I was a rich man’s plaything.

  • Andy Warhol is considered to be the most famous pop artist. The work of Andy Warhol consists of the prints that are created by using similar images from everyday life such as banknotes or soup tins.

  • The next well-known artist of pop art is Roy Lichtenstein. The unique feature of his paintings is that they look like a comic strip.

  • Some of the pop art pieces are considered to be the ones that were sold at the higher prices in history. For example, a pop art painting made by Jasper Johns in 2010 was sold at the rate of £70 million.

  • If you want to see the best art pieces of pop art, the London’s Tate Gallery is the best place.

  • Some people believe that pop art is related to Dadaism which is why the images are created to make fun of the traditional art.

  • According to the pop artists, the traditional art was basically for the elites which are why they have to create things for the masses.

  • There is an art type which is quite similar to the pop art. The name of this art is Op art that uses optical illusions to trick the eyes of a viewer.

History of pop art:

After the World War 2, people used to spend a lot of money which is why the mass-produced items became abundant. Moreover, the television replaced radio as the media outlet. These changes are the case behind the pop movement as people started to put more attention on the store-bought products and the celebrities that were painted. However, the term “pop” was given by a museum supervisor who was a British named Lawrence Alloway.

He used the term “pop” to represent the new culture of the art that had a modern feel to it. The popularity of this modern art continued to spread all over the world in the 1960s.

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